Plans & Pricing

All plans start with a free 14-day trial. No credit card required.


$9 / Month
(or $90 billed annually)
  • Connect 3 Apps
  • 3 collaborators per app
  • One background job per app


$19 / Month
(or $190 billed annually)
  • Connect 5 Apps
  • 10 collaborators per app
  • Up to 3 background jobs per app


$29 / Month
(or $290 billed annually)
  • Connect 10 Apps
  • No limits on collaborators per app
  • Up to 7 background jobs per app

What plan should I use?

All plans offer the same core functionality, but make restrictions on how many apps, collaborators, or background jobs you can run. You should use the smallest plan that suites your needs, and upgrade to a bigger plan as you need.

How does the trial work?

On signup, you get a free 14 day trial with access to all of Parboard’s features. After the trial ends, you’ll be asked to choose a plan to continue using Parboard. You don’t need to use a credit card to sign up and use the free trial.

Can I cancel or switch plans?

You can switch between plans or cancel at any time during your subscription. You can view your current subscription and switch or cancel your plan from the Billing section under your account settings.

How do you handle payments?

All payments are handled and processed by Paddle.

What do you mean by an app?

Each app is a single running parse-server instance. Note that Parboard does not host your server - it merely uses the parse-server API to connect to it.

What are background jobs?

You can define jobs in your parse-server in cloud code, and use Parboard to schedule them for running in the background. Learn more here.

What are collaborators?

You can add collaborators to your apps to give them (limited) access to your data browser. Before adding collaborators, you need to set up your parse-server with some changes.

Do collaborators need to subscribe?

Collaborators need a Parboard account to access apps, but don’t need to be subscribed to any plans. Only the owner of the app needs to have an active account.