10x your parse-server apps

Parboard is a parse dashboard and data browser for apps running on parse-server

Data Browser

View and edit your data using the familiar parse data browser - with some new options and add-ons.

Dashboard & Analytics

Integrate your server with an analytics adapter and add widgets and charts to view your data.


Add collaborators to your apps, and control what classes and collections they can see and edit.

Configure Your Server

Schedule and run background jobs, setup and send push notifications, and configure your server right from your dashboard.

Parse Dashboard Parboard

Effortless Setup

Add your parse-server app’s keys and url and you’re good to go. You can add multiple apps from the same dashboard.

Data Browser

Parboard’s data browser is built on top of ag-grid, a popular open source library, so the browser has smooth performance.

Dashboard & Analytics

View your app at a glance with widgets and charts, and keep track of events using the old parse.com analytics sdks.


Add collaborators to your apps, and use access permissions to control what exactly they can read and write.

Background Jobs

View and run your background jobs or schedule them to run at a specified time or interval.

Push Notifications

Segment your users and send or schedule push notification campaigns.

Data import & Export

Import data to your classes or export them in CSV or JSON formats right from your dashboard.

Configurations & Logs

Setup global config values for your server, and view or download your logs.


All processing is done on the client side, so Parboard never has access to your data.